Seattle Skyline Seattle Skyline Photo: Dave Sizer via Flickr

The Emerald City: Where You Can Sip a Mocha While Gazing at a Volcano

Planning a trip to Seattle, Washington can certainly provide you with variety and exposure to many incredible experiences. This area is laced with beautiful sites, exciting attractions, and a melting pot of culture. With the amount of attractions, flavors of food, and exciting activities, there will not be a dull moment in this city.


Activities to do:

You will easily be able to find things of interest for you and your whole family when visiting Seattle. These are some of the top activities to visit in Seattle:

    • Pike Place Market- there is nothing that says you can’t eat healthy on vacation. Stop by the Pike Place Market, which is a must see farmer’s market in the area. Many vendors meet here to sell their locally grown goods, fresh caught seafood, handmade crafts, and wholesome food. You are sure to walk away with some interesting souvenirs from this market place. There is also an interesting side of the Pike Place Market that you will not want to miss.
    • Space Needle- this landmark is well known by most people and is worth visiting while in the area. This incredible tower is 605 feet high and provides an amazing panoramic view of the entire city. Dining in this skyscraping tower will leave you breathless. The observation deck reaches 520 feet in the air. You will be able to see the view of the city unobstructed. 
    • Woodland Park Zoo- this exceptional zoo is home to a variety of animals, such as: elephants, penguins, reptiles, giraffes, monkeys, birds, bears, and lions to name a few. Not only does the Woodland Park Zoo serve the normal functions of a zoo by caring for animals and plants, but they also host many music events each year. You can rock out with the animals at a concert. 
    • The Triple Door- visit this incredible stage where many different types of acts take the stage. You can sit in a round booth with your party and enjoy a close knit circle with your friends.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market


Places to See:

Not everything that is interesting to visit in this incredible area costs money. Walking down the streets of the city will provide many exciting things to behold. Some of the most unique aspects of the area are:

    • Fremont Troll- this large carved statue of a hideous looking troll is living under the Fremont bridge. In one of his gnarled up hands is clutching an old VW wagon. This is an interesting piece of art to visit in the city.
    • The Post Alley Gum Wall- this piece of art is located under the Pike Place market. This unique spectacle of is added to by visitors from all over the world. The gum covered wall is continually changing as people put their chewed gum in random fashion on the wall. What a way to leave your mark on the great city of Seattle. 
    • Statue of Lenin- this bronze statue was erected in the Fremont area. The statue is of a Russian communist leader, Vladimir Lenin. It is 16 feet tall and an incredible piece of art to behold. 
    • Gas Works Park- this has been labeled the strangest park in all of Seattle, and right up there as one of the strangest parks in the United States. It has been constructed using the remains of a gas plant. Portions of the old building have been incorporated into areas of the park. You can take your kite and fly it there on a windy day with many other locals and visitors to the area. 
    • Mt. Rainier- this 14,000 ft high volcano can be seen from the downtown part of the city on clear days. You can easily sip your coffee as you catch this amazing view.

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier                                                                       Photo: Frank Kovalchek


What to Eat:

No vacation is complete without trying restaurants that you have never been in. Here is a list of eateries that will please your pallet:

    • Loulay Kitchen & Bar- the cuisine at this restaurant is enhanced by its upscale atmosphere and helpful wait staff. These French inspired dishes are quite tasty.
    • Rachel’s Ginger Beer- this fresh brews are a delight to taste. They offer a variety of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages that showcase the eclectic style of Seattle.
    • Tat’s Deli- here you can find the best cheesesteak sandwiches in all of the area. They specialize in hoagies, sandwiches, and other delicatessen delights.
    • Altura- this Italian restaurant has a well executed menu for lunch and dinner. This has a casual yet elegant styled theme. 
    • Starbucks- the coffee giant, Starbucks, was founded here in Seattle. In fact, the first Starbucks ever is still up and running. Drinking your morning cup of joe from the coffee capital is sure to wake you up.

 Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle Great Wheel


Seattle is certainly a great city to visit and offers a wealth of incredible things to do. This can give you a great option for vacation in any season. No matter what the time of year, Seattle has enough to keep you busy.