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USS Pampanito USS Pampanito Photo by Nick Ares via Flickr

While you will be hard-pressed to choose just a single attraction on San Francisco’s Pier 45 of Fisherman’s Wharf – there are at least a handful or more of truly original and breathtaking activities you can take part in on this simple little stretch of waterfront – one of the most historical and culture rich would have to be stepping aboard the living museum on the USS Pampanito.

A World War II vessel and one of the first fleet submarines to ever see action in this incredible and historical war, you’ll be able to cruise above and below the decks of the USS Pampanito on self-guided or hosted tours alike. Set up inside of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco and open to the general public seven days a week (you’ll want to check available hours depending on the day you want to visit), this is a war machine that played a critical role in the Pacific theater.

Sinking six Japanese ships and damaging four others while patrolling the waters of the Pacific and supporting our US Marines who were doing battle on those islands, the USS Pampanito has been commissioned as a living museum and a true National Historic Landmark that welcomes anywhere between 110,000 visitors and 150,000 visitors each and every year. And even though the city to the south, Los Angeles, is home to many of our more modern movie stars, it can’t be forgot and that the USS Pampanito was featured prominently in the film Down Periscope.

USS Pampanito GunFully restored to represent exactly how the USS Pampanito looked in late summer of 1945 – the timeframe when US submarines were really starting to ramp up their activity in the Pacific theater – this is a San Francisco attraction and piece of American history that simply cannot be ignored.

Though it has been 50 years since the USS Pampanito has dipped below the ocean surface and helped us to win a war and put an end to worldwide hostilities, it is still serving our nation as a reminder of a truly great generation that did exactly what needed to be done to protect worldwide freedoms and ensure we were able to live those kind of life we have been ever since.


Open daily at 9:00 am. Please call (415) 775-1943 for closing times.
Address/Map:    Pier 45, Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone: (415) 775-1943
Website: World War II Submarine USS Pampanito
  Adult Senior/Student Child (6-22)/Military Self-guided tour
$12 $8 $6 $3
  Children under 6, HNSA and CAMM members are free