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Fort Mason Fort Mason Photo by McCanon via Flickr

Fort Mason is the heart of all the cultural activities in San Francisco and its reach spreads through music, fine arts, books and theater. Once a center of activities for the armed forces, it is currently a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and serves thousands of people all through the year. It is composed of about 1200 acres of greenery that houses some of the best artistic talents and movements in the city.

A huge part of the buildings in this area composes the Youth Hostel, while a smaller portion is still retained for army housing. There is a lot to be done at Fort Mason area. The Fort Mason Center is actually the convergence of many forms of arts. It has the Artists Gallery of San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts. Not only this, the Long Now Museum and Gallery and the San Francisco Children’s Art Center are also located here. For music there is the Blue Bear School of Music that exists along with the Magic Theater, the Arts Campus of the City College of San Francisco and the Mexican Museum as well.

There is still more for visitors. You can find a Readers Bookstore, BATS Improv Theater and the Museo Italo Americano as well. For oceanic learning and activities, you can visit the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and dive deeper into the sea and the world beneath the great waters.

Fort Mason San FranVisitors must see the 20th century warehouses located here as well as the Great Meadow area. You can be a part of numerous cultural activities and concerts that are organized here on a regular basis. The Cowell Theater would also be a great option to watch many bands and dancers perform live. It also includes the Pacific Chamber Orchestra. If you are a resident who is interested to take part in community activities, chances are that you have already come to this place in order to attend any workshops or seminars etc.

A number of events are held free and parking is also available to visitors. If you want a reclusive space in the city without losing the touch of your interests, then Fort Mason would become your most preferred location.


Location/Map:  2 Marina Blvd San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone: (415) 345-7500
Website: Plan Your Visit to Fort Mason