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Adventure Playground Adventure Playground Photo by vinzcha via Flickr

Adventure Playground is rated in National Geographic top 10 playgrounds based on its Marina Experience Programs. The playground is designed for children ages 7 & up, however, was also designed for the younger children to be able to play with the assistance of an adult. Adventure Playground is not your usual playground; it is a land of creation that encourages children to be creative and build based on their creativity.

Adventure Playground is completely supervised by trained staff professionals, parents can stay with their child as they embark in their journey, but parents are also encouraged to drop their kids off as long as they are over the age of seven, which makes it perfect for parents who have errands to run.

Adventure Playground is one of the most popular attractions in California and it is recommended that reservations be made. If the park becomes over crowded, those with reservations are given the first option to stay.

There is no other playground like Adventure Playground, which goes beyond the traditional swing and slide. Children are challenged on building, zip lines, and other physical and mental challenges that assist in your child’s development by expanding their minds and creativity.

Children enjoy the variety of activities that Adventure Playground has to offer which cannot be found at your average local park. Adventure Playground has a unique design that makes children feel like they are really on an adventure of the mind and the body. Parents enjoy the challenges that are placed in front of their children and the variety of educational activities their children get to explore.

Adventure Playground uses a unique design made of recycled materials and are often taking donations to help assist new activities for the children. The playground is always looking for volunteers to help Adventure Playground and offer more activates to help expand young minds and build a sense of self-confidence.

Dropping your child off for a few hours of play has never been so simple or safe. Parents must fill out registration forms, proof of purchase for the child’s play card must be shown, and the child must be signed in and out for your child’s safety. Once your child is dropped off, they get three hours of play and you get three hours of quiet.

Location160 University Ave Berkeley, CA 94710

Website: Adventure Playground

Admission: Free for family of 4 or less. Group of 5 people or more MUST reserve