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Giant Pandas Are Just the Start of Your San Diego Zoo Journey

Yun Zi loves bamboo Yun Zi loves bamboo Photo: Tim Evanson via Flickr

Home to over 4,000 unique and rare animals, including the very famous Giant Pandas that are rare to see in the United States, the San Diego Zoo should always be at the top of your list to visit when in the area. Before you even step foot onto the zoo's grounds, however, you can explore some of the zoo's inhabitants with the many 24/7 webcams that are on its primary website. Pandas, elephants, condors, and apes highlight the animals cams you can see!

Watching online is one thing, but seeing these majestic animals in person is a whole different experience! Are you ready to explore the San Diego Zoo for yourself today?

Investing in a Backstage Pass Is Absolutely Worth It!

There are many different experiences that you can enjoy with a visit to the San Diego Zoo, but nothing may be more fun than the Backstage Pass. This pass allows you to get up close and personal with some of the zoo's best animal ambassadors! You'll be invited to not only touch some of these animals, but you'll also get to help train some of them too!

The Backstage Pass begins with a free photo opportunity with you and your family posing with one of the zoo's animal ambassadors. You'll then get to be close to cheetahs, visit the rhino exhibit and get to pet and feed these gentle giants, and come face-to-face with other wildlife on your journey. Tickets for the pass are $99, but kids 5 and under are free.

How About Taking a Skyfari?


Skyfari                                                                                                  Photo: John Verive


One of the detrimental aspects of visiting a large zoo with youngsters is that they can quickly get tired of all the walking. “Aren't we done YET??” is often a repetitive question until you get to the next amazing animals, right? The San Diego Zoo is going to help you out by offering the Skyfari so that you can quickly get from one side of the zoo to the other. It's a sky tram that gives you a birds-eye view of the zoo and Balboa Park as you skim the trees and save some young legs from the “torture” of exploring.

The San Diego Zoo Has Zones For Every Climate!

From the always entertaining polar bears and arctic foxes to the anacondas that call the tropics their home, the San Diego Zoo gives visitors the chance to see animals from virtually every climate and continent on the planet. A full list of the animals you could see on a visit would be too long to create, but rest assured that an entire day of exploration with your animal friends is waiting for you!

The best deal available to visit the San Diego Zoo is the San Diego 3 for 1 Pass. For adults the pass is $149 and for kids it is $118, but it allows for unlimited visits to the zoo, to the zoo's Safari Park, and to SeaWorld. Otherwise 1 day passes are available for $46 and $36 each, or for an extra five bucks you can gain access to a 4D show.


The zoo opens at 9am most days. Closing times vary based on the season
For updates on hours or ticket prices, be sure to visit the zoo's website.
Address/Map:  2920 Zoo Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 231-1515
Website: Plan your visit to San Diego Zoo
One day Pass:
Adult (12 & older) $46 | Child (Ages 3–11) $36