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Old Globe Theatre Old Globe Theatre Photo: Bernard Gagnon via Wikimedia

The Old Globe Theater in the Balboa Park, San Diego is home to a theater company that has a very rich history indeed. The theater first raised the curtains back in 1935, and was constructed as part of the California Pacific International Exposition. The original building was a circular theater where the roof was open and the only covers were in the public seating areas. The theater was due to be torn down at the end of the expo, but went over so well it was saved so that future generations could enjoy the arts.

A new addition to the theater, the 225-seat Cassius Stage, was added in 1969 and was used for smaller productions. The original Globe burnt down in 1978, and while rebuilding took place, a new outdoor stage was added, known as the Festival Stage. The three separate stages now operate year round, with the theater company usually delivering 15 different productions throughout the year.

The Old Globe has become one of the best known, most well-respected theaters in the world, delivering a wide variety of productions for all tastes. If you want a little touch of history mixed in with your entertainment, the Old Globe Theater is the place to do it.


Address/Map:  1363 Old Globe Way, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 234-5623
Website: Plan your visit to Old Globe Theatre