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San Diego’s New Children’s Museum: More Play than Work for Kids

San Diego’s New Children’s Museum: More Play than Work for Kids Photo: Gabe Lawrence via Flickr

When you go on trips, it is normal to visit different landmarks and museums. It is rare, however, to find a city or state that has a museum that kids would enjoy. Sure, the regular museums have children’s sections, and kids sometimes can enjoy themselves there too.  However, it is rare to see a museum that caters to children exclusively.

The San Diego New Children’s Museum makes learning fun for children. It exhibits artwork that would interest children.  Most of the exhibits are interactive. Interactivity and exploration is one of the best ways to inculcate education. Kids won’t feel that you’re forcing them to learn and they will have fun learning.

The museum aims to educate kids by tapping into children’s innate creativity and imagination. It’s a museum that lets them explore, by combining art and play. It really is a unique experience for your kids and this will definitely make their vacation or trip to San Diego memorable.

The New Children’s Museum spans across 50,000 square feet of galleries, open studios, and a park. The exhibits are targeted for children and teens, so your kids should definitely visit this place. Adults, however, can also enjoy the museum – after all, there is always a kid in us.

When the museum re-opened in 2008, they improved the exhibits by coming up with thematic presentations. In 2008, the theme was “Childsplay”, in 2010, it was “Animal Art”, in 2011 it was “TRASH”, which focused on recycling. Currently, the museum’s thematic exhibit revolves around “Feast: the Art of Playing with Your Food”. As you can see, each theme turns a child’s seemingly random activity and transforms it into something fun and very educational.

Kids can explore and develop their creativity from the daily activities or art studio workshops. There will be paper making, clay sculpting, painting, and even a garden workshop. If you cannot get into the workshops, there are all-day activities which the kids can join at any time during the day. These include the Paint Farm, Food Facts, I made this for you Clay Bakeshop, and Drawing Studios. These activities are facilitated by the artist staff of the New Children’s Museum, and they try to use as much recycled and sustainable materials as possible.

The artwork for the FEAST theme is just as interesting. Choose from the following exhibits: Dinner T.V., Food Truckin’, I Made This for You, Mol_D, Nature Matching System, Rainbow Bridge, and other related and equally exciting artwork. The artists made it a point to keep their art interactive, colourful, and interesting for the children. It is their objective to make their art exploratory and educational at the same time.

Next time you are in San Diego, allot one whole day for the New Children’s Museum. The museum is open daily, except for Tuesdays. It opens at 10 in the morning, and closes at 4 in the afternoon, except during Sundays (it opens at 12 noon on Sundays). Plan ahead, and spend the whole day there. Enjoy all the activities, and have a memorable experience at the New Children’s Museum.


Opens daily, except for Tuesday. It opens at 10 am and closes at 4pm, except Sundays (it opens at 12 noon)
Address/Map:  200 W Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 233-8792
Website: Plan your visit to the New Children's Museum
Adults $10 | Children (1+) $10 | Seniors/Military $10
Free for Children under 1