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Gaslamp Quarter Gaslamp Quarter Photo: Prayitno via Flickr

It seems that cities in the United States care little for history, tearing down buildings that are barely a couple of decades old so that they can be replaced with shiny new ones. Some areas survive the cut, though, and are allowed to herald in the modern whilst still paying homage to the past. That is the case with the Gaslamp Quarter in the heart of downtown San Diego.

The area where the Gaslamp Quarter now stands was developed back in the 1860’s and was known as New Town back in that time. As the city moved towards a new century, it became known as Stingaree and was home to pool halls and gambling joints. As the years progressed, the Gaslamp Quarter part of the city started to take a slide for the worst, with all manner of unsavory stores lining the streets between 1950 and 1970.

Public outcry and a desire to maintain some of the history of San Diego saw the Gaslamp Quarter chosen as one area that deserved to be saved and redeveloped. That began in 1982 and paved the way for what visitors can expect to see when they pay a visit there now. Among the older buildings that were saved and spruced up were the Balboa Theater and the Yuma Building.

The entrance to the Gaslamp Quarter is hard to miss, as a large arched sign welcomes visitors to the historic spot. This is the place to be after dark, as it is home to great restaurants, nightclubs, and bars, although there is also a ton of great shopping to be found in the daylight hours, too. If you want to experience the perfect blend of old and new in San Diego, the Gaslamp Quarter is the place to do it.


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