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The Franklin Institute The Franklin Institute Photo by Lee Cannon via Flickr

One of the top science museums in the country, the Franklin Institute Science Museum of Philadelphia is a fun day for kids and adults alike. Imagine being able to sprint through a giant heart as you learn about the circulatory system or gazing up at the night sky in a state-of-the-art planetarium... these are both possible, along with many other interactive activities, at this incredible museum. And IMAX theater also has shows every day, there are plenty of food trucks outside, and a gift shop can help you remember the day you spent with your family in an affordable way.


There's Always a Variety of Different Exhibits

What makes the Franklin Institute Science Museum interesting is that there are a cycle of new exhibits that come through the museum throughout the year. From Star Wars to Cleopatra, they help to show a different perspective to the stories or historical events we know through the world of science. This is in addition to the cornerstone exhibits that are available, such as the music room, the exhibits about space, and the airplane room. With plenty of fun things to ride in many of the exhibits and even a bicycle you can ride across on a wire, this museum offers fun and one-of-a-kind activities for the entire family.


There Is Information Packed Into Every Exhibit

One of the nicest features about each Franklin Institute Science Museum exhibit is the information that they pack into it. Combined with the experiential nature of many of the exhibits, this gives everyone the chance to learn with their hands and their minds. From a parent's perspective, this level of information also helps to be able to answer those inevitable “Why?” questions that you'll get from the kids. There's no question that the world of science is easily opened up to everyone in a fun and unique way here.


Giant Heart

Giant Heart at the Franklin Institute                                                        Credit: InSapphoWeTrust


Everything Is Camera Friendly!

Instead of limiting the opportunities to create lasting memories, the Franklin Institute Science Museum encourages families to bring cameras into each exhibit. Take as many pictures as you like throughout the spy exhibit, as your kids are getting their hands on an experiential learning opportunity, or just as you enjoy a hot dog at the concessions area at the museum. There are periodic free days available as well, letting you enjoy everything the museum has to offer without any admission cost. If you love science, you'll love this museum!


Are You Ready To Pay the Franklin Institute a Visit?

Though the science museum can be crowded on a busy day, there is plenty available to see and do at the Franklin Institute for an affordable price. One of the must-see things in Philadelphia, you'll have a great time learning about history and science every time you visit. If you love visiting a good museum, this will become one of your favorite places to visit whenever you take a trip to the City of Brotherly Love.


Hours: Open daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm
Address/Map:  222 North 20th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (215) 448-1200
Website: The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Adults: $16.50 | Children (3-11): $12.50 | Free for members and teachers
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