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The Philadelphia of the Barnes Foundation - More Than an Art Gallery

Artist: Paul Cézanne Artist: Paul Cézanne Image courtesy the Barnes Foundation

The Barnes Foundation is an education institution dedicated to the fine arts and horticulture. In May 2012, the foundation opened a new campus in Philadelphia, housing post-impressionist, early modern, African and other non-western works of art, as well as many other decorative arts.


Look, but Don’t Touch

The collection at Philadelphia boasts a wide array of art genres, such as paintings, sculptures, textiles, decorative art, metalwork, and more than you can possibly imagine. For a pre-peak at the online collection, click here.

In addition to the art collection, the foundation displays various and wide-ranging exhibitions for months at a time. A few past exhibitions include an ensemble of Albert C. Barnes experiments in education; Exquisite, Original French Paintings from the Barnes Foundation: from post-Impressionist to impressionist and early modern European Paintings and Sculptures.


Look and Touch 

The Barnes Foundation offers a variety of programs tailored for all different age ranges. Sign your children up for one of the foundation’s educational art activities, like Artsee or Artime Storytime, and see what stories and crafts they bring home.


Look and Taste

Art and vodka? Can you think of a better combination? In this special event, participants sample various types of vodka, discuss the differences, and compare these intricacies with those of the Foundation’s art collection.


Look and Learn

Take a one-day workshop or a semester or year-long course with the Barnes Foundation. Learn a new way of looking at art, as you engage in debates and bounce ideas and questions off art instructors and other students. Then put your new skills to the test with your own exercises and works of art.    


Look and Read

Need more information on the art? Take advantage of the free access to Honickman Library. Plop down in the reading room and crack open a book or magazine on Picasso or Matisse. Get a better look into the man himself; read one of the countless books written by Dr. Albert C. Barnes on education, the Foundation, and art. Or bring your laptop and peruse the library’s online database to research the 20th century art movement.


Look and Listen

And when you’re done with all that…

Relax, have a drink, and check out the live music. Listen to jazz duos like Diane Monroe and Tony Miceli, harpist/singer, Gillian Grassie, or Latina folk-rocker, Gina Chavez every Friday night. 


Hours: Wed to Mon: 10 am to 6 pm; Closed Tuesday
Address/Map:  2025 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone: (215) 278-7000
Website: Plan your visit to Barnes Foundation
Admission: Adults: $22 | Seniors: $20 | Stuents/Youth: $10 | Kids (0-5): Free