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Constitution Signers Constitution Signers Photo by elPadawan via Flickr

Your Six-Step Process to Understanding the Beginning of American Government

What embodies the very meaning of being American more than the Constitution? And what could be more fitting than a conglomerated museum, town hall, and civic education headquarters dedicated to our Constitution located in the city in which it all began? Well, nothing. And the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia agrees.


Step One: Freedom Rising

Starting at the beginning makes sense. Kick off your tour of the museum with this multimedia theater production of the story of our Constitution—from its birth to modern day. Enjoy a 360-degree screen complimented with a performance by a live actor.


Step Two: Exhibitions

After getting the rundown on our Constitution, slide on over The Story of We the People. But be prepared to join in. This multimedia exhibit is interactive as well as educational. View rare artifacts like the Emancipation Proclamation, then use the touch-screen to scan other pieces of our history, before watching yourself recite the Presidential Oath of Office on the big screen.

Next, swing on into Signer’s Hall, and stand amongst the 42 life-size bronze statues of our founding fathers. Sign the Constitution with Benjamin Franklin, and argue with the dissenters—that’s one dispute you’ll be sure to win.

Then try out the featured exhibition, whether it’s the 1968 Exhibit, Art of the American Soldier exhibit, Napoleon exhibit, or the Philadelphia’s Treasure exhibit. There’s a new featured exhibition every few months!

Hall of Signers

Hall of Signers                                                                                                 Photo: natalie419


Step Three:

Grab lunch at the museum’s Delegate Café. We’re American. We don’t skip meals.


Step Four:

Try one of these hands-on programs that come with the price of admission:

    • Exhibition Gallery Talks
    • Civil Holidays Balance of Powers
      • Nothing like a Revolutionary War encampment, crafts, and patriotic festivities to celebrate our nation’s independence.
    • Civil War Artifact Cart
    • Decoding the Document: Emancipation Proclamation
    • Giant Constitutional Board Game
    • Hail to the Chief: Presidential Trivia
    • Living News
    • Paper Mill
    • Political Cartoons 101
    • Print Shop
    • Try printing on a 1700’s printing press replica!


Step Five:

Stick around for the one of the museum’s featured evening events. Be present for speeches and panels with guest speakers like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court. Or join the National Constitution Center’s President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen for a conversation on personal privacy, public safety, and the government’s use of drones.


Step Six:

Dinner time. You know the drill.


Mon - Fri: 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sat: 9:30 am to 6 pm; Sun: 12 pm - 5 pm
Address/Map:  525 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone: (215) 409-6600
Website: Plan your visit to National Constitution Center
Adults: $14.50 | Seniors/Students: $13 | Children: $8
Free for military and Children 3 or under