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Morris Arboretum: Pennsylvania’s Wonderland of Plants!

Morris Arboretum Morris Arboretum Photo by Michele Schaffer via Flickr

Located at the renowned University of Pennsylvania is the popular Morris Arboretum. This is one of the most impressive arboretums in the country with over 12,000 plants and 2,500 different varieties of plant species!

This is a great way for families and tourists to learn about the physical differences between local and international regions. And not only does Morris Arboretum have an amazing collection of species native to Pennsylvania, it also features plants from 27 different countries as well.

Along with its magnificent trees, gardens, and special plant collections, Morris Arboretum also plays host to a variety of different attractions for kids and adults.

Check out these great sites during your next trip!

The Tree Collection

Morris Arboretum’s tree collection is one of the largest and oldest species housed in any national arboretum. This spectacular collection of 17 trees dates all the way back to 1933! Known as the Arboretum’s “large and stately” tree collection, this attraction features giant, breathtaking trees from Japan, the Mediterranean, Europe, China, Korea, and of course, North America.

View everything from grand Chinese elm trees during summer to snow-topped tabletop scotch elms come winter time!

The Magical Garden Railroad

This is definitely the most popular kid-friendly attraction at Morris Arboretum! Also perfect for model railroad enthusiasts, this whimsical little railroad winds throughout the arboretum on its own quarter-mile long track.

Located in the arboretum’s lovely winter garden, this little railroad travels along 15 different miniature rail lines. Watch this delightful train travel over bridges, tunnels, and zip around specially-designed miniature landscapes.

Original Garden Art

Don’t forget to take notice of the vibrant and colorful sculptures located throughout the arboretum! These sculptures are unlike anything else seen in arboretums across the country; popular sculptures include the giant 1952 bullfrog piece “American Bull” by Lorraine Vail, plus a magnificent bronze bell sculpture made by artist, Toshiko Takaezu, in 1922. 


Open daily 10:00am - 4:00pm
April - October: Weekends until 5:00pm
June - August: Thursdays, open until 8:30pm
Address/Map:  100 E Northwestern Ave‎ Philadelphia, PA 19031
Phone: (215) 247-5777
Website: Plan your visit to Morris Arboretum
Adult: $16 | Seniors: $14 | Youth, Student & Military: $7.00
FREE for children under 3, Members and PennCard Holders
  Packages and group discounts available online