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Visit Philadelphia’s Historic Liberty Bell Center

Liberty Bell Liberty Bell Photo Bev Sykes via Flickr

Located right in Philadelphia’s Independence Park, the popular Liberty Bell Center attracts visitors from all over the world to view this monumental piece of history. Known for its signature crack down the side, the Liberty Bell was built during the era of America’s forefathers. The last time the liberty bell rung was in 1846 for a George Washington tribute celebration, and today it’s one of the most prized attractions in Philadelphia! 

The Liberty Bell Visitor Experience

Prominently on display at the Liberty Bell Center is the 2,000 pound star of the show! The Liberty Bell is composed of 70% copper and 25% tin; while the remaining 5% is a mix of gold, silver, lead, arsenic, and zinc. It originally earned its name and meaning from 18th century slavery abolitionists, and its inscription famously “proclaimed liberty” for all inhabitants of American land.

You can learn about all this history and more from the fascinating exhibits on-view at the Liberty Bell Center. Aside from learning the story behind the bell, you can also view cool x-ray images to get a better inside look at the Liberty Bell itself and its mysterious crack.

Adorning the center’s walls are impressive collections of historical documents relating to the Liberty Bell, as well as fast fun facts for younger visitors! Families can also enjoy an exclusive Liberty Bell documentary sponsored by the History Channel too.

That’s not all! There’s even special exhibits that showcase how the Liberty Bell’s iconic image has been used in popular culture for decades. Visitors can view vintage household appliances made in the image of the bell, plus more Liberty Bell-inspired items like garden décor, art, cartoons, and more.

Liberty Bell Center is located in one of the most tourist-friendly spots in Philadelphia! Perfect for first-time visitors, young children, college kids and grandparents, don’t forget to check out this must-see piece of United States history.


Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily
Address/Map:  525 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone: (215) 965-2305
Website: Plan your visit to Liberty Bell Center
Admission: Free