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Spaceship Earth at EPCOT Spaceship Earth at EPCOT Photo by Thomprod via Wikimedia

One of the most truly groundbreaking of all theme parks found anywhere around the world, Disney’s Epcot Center is truly a sight to behold. Reaching over 300 acres in land and encompassing far more than twice the size of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot has been called the globes permanent world fair. Designed from the ground up to really embrace and showcase all of humanities most powerful technological innovations, it is home to some of the most striking achievements in technology that we’ve ever seen.

Really embracing all of the world’s cultures and putting them on full display for every single visitor to walk through Walt Disney World, you will be able to tour the globe the moment you step through Epcot’s gates. While much of the attractions and sites to behold inside of Epcot have a technological slant to them, you will also be able to bounce around the world in full-blown mockups of numerous countries around the globe. Cruising through what is called the World Showcase, you’ll be able to step inside 11 different countries designed and built as one simple city. Not only will you be able to enjoy the native architecture and culture of each and every one of these specific countries when you are in their given zone, but you’ll also be able to enjoy their food, music, and entertainment as well. If you’ve ever wanted to travel the globe but didn’t want to leave the US, this is the best way to see all that the world has to offer.

The real gem of Epcot of course would have to be Future World. Originally conceived of as a highlight of all the latest and greatest technological advances that the world has ever seen, constructed inside of an approximation of what it might be like to live in the distant future, you’ll be able to see some amazing breakthroughs put on display inside of Future World. Home to Spaceship Earth, the Universe of Energy, Mission: Space, and the always popular Test Track, this is the true backbone of the Epcot experience and something you’ve just won’t feel complete leaving Florida without checking out.

With a host of annual events and some of the most innovative and incredible displays and experiences to enjoy while in Florida, Epcot has something for everyone and is a true modern marvel.


Hours: See Calendar - normally 9am to 9pm for Epcot Future World
Address/Map:    1320 Avenue of the Stars Bay Lake, FL 32830
Phone: (407) 824-4321
Website: Epcot - Orlando
  Ages 10+ Ages (3-9)
1-Day Pass
$89 $83
2-Day Pass (per ticket, per day) $88 $82
3-Day Pass (per ticket, per day) $80.67 $75.33
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