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Blizzard Beach Blizzard Beach Photo by Jeff Kays via Flickr

Snowbirds that come to Orlando to get away from the cold will be intrigued by the Blizzard Beach Orlando water park. The theme is a Ski Resort that melts into a pool with different slides for everyone to enjoy. They even have operational Chair Lift like you would see in a real Snow Ski Resort. How cool is that? One of the slides is the world’s tallest and fastest free falling slide, so the family adventure fun will get a great ride out of that one and many of the others, too.

Attractions for the Kids
Younger kids can have a good time too with smaller attractions that give them that WOW factor for fun and great memories of that time they went to Disney World Resort with their family one summer. The scary rides are great for the older kids who want the COOL factor, and the smaller ones are just cool enough for the younger kids to handle.

Blizzard Beach - Snacks and Refreshment’s
Nearby the water park there are several food shacks and a couple of restaurants, too. You can also buy souvenirs and supplies if you don’t have everything you need for a day of fun in the sun. The hours of operation of these restaurants and stores are similar to the hours the water park is open.

Blizzard Beach – Hours of Fun in the Sun!
Take pictures of all the fun you and your family have together at this quirky park. Even the snowbirds that travel to the warm Florida weather can appreciate the irony of fun in the sun and dressed in bathing suits while surrounded by different snowcapped rides and attraction. They will probably wish it was as warm back home in the real snow. But that is what fantasy is all about!


Hours: Open 9 am to 8 pm - Operating Hours Subject To Change
Address/Map:    1534 Blizzard Beach Dr Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Phone: (407) 560-3400
Website: Blizzard Beach Orlando
  Ages 10+ Ages (3-9)
1-Day Pass
$53 $45
  More about tickets and packages