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The Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Mercedes-Benz Superdome Mercedes-Benz Superdome Photo by JasonParis via Flickr

The Superdome is a domed exhibition and sports avenue situated at New Orleans’ Central Business District. With a steel frame covering an expanse of 13 acres, a 273 ft dome made of a multi-ringed frame and a width of 680 ft, it is the world’s biggest fixed domed structure.

On the 3rd of October 2011, it was declared that Mercedes-Benz (German automaker) purchased naming rights to the structure. The new name commenced on the 23rd of October 2011.

Due to its location in one of the main tourist destinations in the US and its size, the Superdome is usually included in the short list of candidates considered for big sporting events like the Final Four and Super Bowl.

The Superdome has a football seating capacity of 73,208 when it’s not expanded or 76,468 when it’s expanded. Its maximum seating capacity for basketball is 73,432 and for baseball, it’s 63,525. On the other hand, published attendance statistics from sporting events like the Sugar Bowl football game has surpassed 79,000.

In 2005, it gained worldwide attention when it housed many people looking for shelter from Hurricane Katrina. The structure suffered extensive damage due to the hurricane and was closed for several months afterward.

Since the structure’s reopening following the Hurricane Katrina as well as the New Orleans Saints’ increased success, the Superdome has been recognized for having an extremely powerful home field advantage. Although all domed structures possess this quality to some point, the Superdome is popular for getting extremely loud during sports competitions, particularly during the visiting team’s offensive drives.


Address/Map:  1500 Poydras St New Orleans, LA 70112
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