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St. Louis Cathedral - New Orleans

St Louis Cathedral St Louis Cathedral Photo by Tulane Public Relations via Flickr

St Louis Cathedral is one of the most popular must-see sites in New Orleans located in the Famous Jackson Square.

The St. Louis Cathedral was first conceived and constructed during the French Era of Louisiana and New Orleans. The project was started in 1721 and completed by 1727 when parishioners began attending it for services. After it was completed the church was dedicated to Louis the IX.

Unfortunately, it has been through a few periods of reconstruction due to fires that ravaged the building. With each rebuilding a bit of the original construction was lost so that now very little of the original building is left. Thankfully, all renovations were done in accordance to how it was originally built.

Even though the St. Louis Cathedral has gone through construction changes over the last nearly three centuries, it is still considered the oldest Cathedral in America.

The Cathedral is easy for tourists to find since it is located near the French Quarter and it overlooks Jackson Square, which in itself is a popular destination for visitors.

St. Louis Cathedral InteriorAlthough it is an attraction for visitors is remains and active place of worship so keep that in mind when entering the building and be respectfully quiet for those who are there to worship. You may take pictures of the interior structure and stained-glass windows.

This is one of the few locations that tourists enjoy that cost nothing to experience. Yes, indeed, FREE. In addition to experiencing the beautiful architecture of the Cathedral there are two gift shops on the premises where one can buy religious and spiritual items for babies and children, interesting keepsakes, medal and rosary beads, and music.

Weddings are performed in the Cathedral. They have guide lines for the nuptials and request that couples who are interested in marrying there read the PDF provided. These guidelines are reasonable and easy to follow. When one calls to schedule the ceremony they ask that they restrict calls for weddings only to the number provided for that purpose.

St. Louis Cathedral DetailThis Church has been used for worship by both the rich and the poor over the course of its history. It is a valued and much celebrated place for locals and much appreciated place by those who visit from afar who appreciate its history and its purpose in Louisiana and New Orleans history. You should add this place to your itinerary.


Address/Map:  615 Pere Antoine Alley New Orleans, LA 70116
Phone: (504) 525-9585
Website: St. Louis Cathedral
Admission: FREE