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Sculpture Garden - New Orleans

Sculpture Garden Sculpture Garden Photo by angela n. via Flickr

Adjacent to the Museum of Art is a stunning sculpture garden made to display sculptures in a natural outdoor environment. The Sculpture Garden of New Orleans opened in 2003 on a 5-acre site and contains more than 50 contemporary sculptures. Most of the collections of sculptures were given by Sydney as well as Walda Besthoff, who began collecting 20th century sculptures in the year 1973.

They donated their collection to the Museum of Art that made the site available and together with the help of other donors, the necessary fund for its construction was acquired. In 2005, 30% of the garden was damaged by Hurricane Katrina. After a renovation period of 3 months, the garden reopened in December, the same year.

Of course, the sculptures are the highlight of the garden. There are a lot of showcase pieces from well-known artists including Henry Moore, Auguste Rodin, Louise Bourgeois, Paul Manship, Jaume Plensa and many others. The Sculpture garden is open to the public on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

However, the sculptures are not the only ones that are wonderful. The garden itself is a piece of art. It is a 5-acre garden under magnolia trees, cypress and centuries-old oak trees. It’s also beautifully landscaped.

The Sculpture Garden initially opened with 50 sculptures that were installed in a splendid natural site around a central lagoon. It’s a pleasure to walk over the winding trails that lead to past ancient oak trees as well as over pedestrian bridges to miniature plazas.


Hours: Open 7 days a week: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Address/Map:  1 Collins Diboll Cir, New Orleans, LA 70124
Phone: (504) 488-2631
Website: Sculpture Garden - New Orleans
Audio tour available for free and accessible via visitors’ cell phones