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Royal Street - New Orleans

Royal Street Royal Street Photo by Shubert Ciencia via Flickr

Royal Street is among the oldest streets in New Orleans. It is popular for the art galleries, stately hotels and antique shops that line the sides as it runs through the tourist district and French Quarter of New Orleans. Aside from Bourbon Street, the Royal Street is the most popular street in the French Quarter.

The best known part of the street is the section in the upper French Quarter that is popular for its scores of magnificent art galleries and antique shops. Despite its orderly nature, it’s situated just one block south of Bourbon Street’s party atmosphere. The price at the antique stores and art shops tend to be extremely high. The finer antique shops showcase not simply old items, but rare items that are owned by royals of past centuries. While such items are out of the budget of some visitors, window shopping along the street is a popular pastime for everyone, particularly art lovers.

The part of Royal Street between St Louis as well as St Ann streets is closed to traffic each afternoon in order to make a pedestrian mall. Lots of street performers gather in the street during this time. Although the quality of performers varies widely, a few of the best jazz bands can be seen here frequently.

Royal Street also features restaurants that can meet everyone’s budget and luxury hotels like the Hotel Monteleone and Omni Royal Orleans.

Royal Street is one of the best destinations for those who want to buy or just see rare items that are owned by royalties of the past. It’s the ideal place for art enthusiasts and those who appreciate antique items.

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