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Circus Circus Hotel and Casino - Circus Acts

Circus Circus Vegas Circus Circus Vegas Photo by Suzy Sivilai via Flickr

Ladies and gentlemen if I could have your attention in the center ring, it is one of the most magical and most entertaining hotels in Las Vegas, Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. When you come to Vegas you come for a good time, so why shouldn’t your whole trip be a circus? The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino is the most entertaining circus based hotel in Las Vegas. You can stay in a beautiful circus based hotel for affordable prices. When you are ready to try lady luck, you can head down to the circus-based casino that is inside of the hotel. You can even catch a thrill in Adventure Dome the on premises amusement park.

When you come to Las Vegas, there is no need to act your age and Circus Circus Hotel and Casino encourages being as young as you want. Not only does the hotel offer entertainment, they want you to be a part of the entertainment. You can see the greatest circus acts in Las Vegas including watching the Flying Angels fly with ease on the trapeze, the Skating Ernesto’s will wow you with their duo roller skating act, and Veronika will dazzle you with her aerial silk routine. Raul Cabillos is one of the best jugglers that Vegas have to offer and you will see lots and lots of circus clowns. Zuma-Zuma brings you the latest acrobatic styling from Kendra after their win on America’s Got Talent. It doesn’t matter what circus act sparks your interest, you will be wowed at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.


Address/Map:  2880 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
Phone: (877) 434-9175
Website: Circus Circus Las Vegas