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Adventuredome Theme Park - Circus Circus

Adventuredome Adventuredome Photo by Allie_Caulfield via Flickr

If you are looking for a theme park that will surely give the best satisfaction and pleasure, Adventuredome Theme Park in Las Vegas is the place for you. You can experience the best quality rides that you will never find in other theme parks. The rides and views that Adventuredome Theme Park in Las Vegas gives are definitely awesome and amazing.

There are featured attractions in the Adventuredome Theme Park. One of these is the Xtreme Zone where you can experience rock climbing and bungee jumping indoors. Another one is the Pike’s Pass wherein you can play golf in different areas and seasons. You can also play Midway Games that come with excellent prizes. One of the most favorite games of youngsters is the Arcade where you can enjoy yourself with games galore in an electronic wonderland. For kids, the Clown Shows will surely be loved by them. For those who love bowling, you can enjoy yourself with the Highway 66 where you can play different versions of bowling.

There are also premium rides in the Adventuredome Theme Park. One of these is the Canyon Blaster where you can go through double loops that can make your heart skip. This is their version of the famous roller coaster in Vegas having the speed of 55 miles per hour. Another premium ride is the Disk’O where you do not have the power to control the spinning motion of the Disk’O. Rides are not the only attraction offered by the Adventuredome Theme Park. There are also FX theaters that your children will surely enjoy. One of these is the FX Theatre that features SpongeBob Squarepants in 3D.

Adventuredome Theme ParkAnother one of the attractions in Adventuredome Theme Park is the Sand Pirates ride. The Canyon cars will give you a thrilling experience through the bumping cars. Junior rides are also available in the Adventuredome Theme Park. One of these is the Frog Hopper that will give you a leaping sensation throughout your ride.

You can also enjoy with your whole family as the Adventuredome Theme Park offers family rides like B.C Bus, Circus Carousel, Drifters and Road Runner.

With the Adventuredome Theme Park in Las Vegas, your family will surely enjoy and you will never have to worry about the rides because the theme park guarantees the security and protection of its visitors.


Address/Map:    2880 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: (800) 634-3450
Website: Adventuredome Theme Park
  Ride Tickets
All Day Rides:
Regular Pass: $27.95; Junior Pass: $16.95
Individual Ride:
Premium Rides: $8 each, Large Rides: $5 each
Junior Rides: $5 each, Family Rides: $5 each
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