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Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas Strip Photo by Lasvegaslover via Wikimedia

Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an amazing and unique city to visit. The lights, the sounds, and the liveliness really create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that no other city on Earth can offer. Las Vegas has the best casinos in the world within one concentrated area. However, Las Vegas has more to offer than just casinos. Las Vegas has interesting sights, exceptional attractions, top-notch entertainment options, and an unrivaled nightlife as well. At this point you may be thinking, “What sights are there to see in Las Vegas?” After all, Las Vegas does not have a reputation of being a city full of sights and attractions. However, Las Vegas does have some interesting and unique sights and attractions to offer its visitors. Have you ever heard of Area 51? Area 51 is a top-secret government storage facility. People say that the government stores aliens and items that belong to aliens in the facility. Las Vegas offers tours around the perimeter of Area 51. You can see the site where the government stores its secret alien paraphernalia as well as see some beautiful petroglyphs along the way.

Of course, many people would like to explore Las Vegas’ urban area. Taking a bus tour will allow you see some of Las Vegas’ signature attractions such as Eiffel Tower Experiencethe Stratosphere, Excalibur, Bally’s, Bagatelle at Tropicana, the Hard Rock Hotel, the Mob Museum, the Atomic Testing Museum, and of course, the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. However, some sights and attractions are better seen at night. Therefore, some bus tours operate specifically at night so that they can offer amazing views. You can see the bright, florescent Las Vegas Strip in all of its glory. Las Vegas can also offer the unique experience of seeing famous, iconic landmarks like the Luxor pyramid, Paris’ Eiffel Tower, and New York’s Statue of Liberty all in one city. No other city can offer that.

If you are the type of person who enjoys sitting back and watching a show then Las Vegas can offer you many options. Popular music artists stage concerts throughout the year in Las Vegas. Do you want to laugh and have a good time? You can watch a comedy show. Famous comedians from all around the world perform in Las Vegas all year round. For those people who like mystery and intrigue, they can watch an authentic, over-the-top, flamboyant magic show. For those who feel more wild and adventurous, they can check out a signature, risqué Las Vegas peep show. If you like to shop then Las Vegas is the place for you. Las Vegas’ shopping options rival New York’s, London’s and Paris’ shopping offerings. These shopping options include conventional retailers as well as more high-end retailers. Las Vegas also has premium shopping outlets for those thrifty shoppers who want to save and find bargains.

Whether you are a clubber, a party animal, a groupie, or just an insomniac, the night life in Las Vegas provides an experience like no other. Las Vegas has a vibrant night life that few cities can beat. There is practically a club on Mirage Volcanoevery block. There are night clubs that cater to an older demographic as well as a younger demographic. You can also host parties if that is your thing. Many people host events like bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and birthday celebrations in Las Vegas. After all, what better place is there to celebrate a 21st birthday party than in Sin City? You can drink and celebrate until the sun comes up. Celebrities drink and party in Las Vegas all the time. Photos and articles about celebrities partying in Las Vegas even end up in the tabloids. When celebrities come to nightclubs, the nightclubs become a popular hotspot for visitors and even residents who want to party with celebrities. Who knows, you may even get to meet and talk with your favorite celebrity. That would be something that you would remember for the rest of your life.

When people think of Las Vegas, one word often comes to mind: casinos. Of course, everybody knows that Las Vegas is the international capital of gambling. Their casinos have been featured on television shows and on the big screen. No other cities’ casinos can out do Las Vegas’ casinos. Las Vegas’ casinos are everything you have heard and more. The lights, the sounds, and the energy of the guests create an exciting and inviting atmosphere. You may be thinking, “That is all well and good but I do not know how to play these casino games. They seem complicated.” You have nothing to worry about. Many casinos have dealers who can teach you how to play casino games.

Las Vegas casinos can offer gambling choices for any budget. For those people who do not want to spend a ton of money, they can play the penny slot machines. Casinos have them just about everywhere. For the big spenders, most Golden Nuggetcasinos offer high-limit rooms where they can bet large sums of money on games like poker and black jack. Some high-end casino resorts will even offer room service in which they send dealers and tables right to their guest’s room. During summer, people can swim and gamble in the same place. There are dealers stationed by the pool so that people can gamble poolside. All in all, Las Vegas provides an amazing, exciting, and unique experience to its visitors that no other city on Earth can offer. Anyone who wants to have a good time should visit Las Vegas. Oh yeah, remember that what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.