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Magic Castle, Los Angeles

Magic Castle Magic Castle Photo: ryan griffis via Flickr

Magic Castle is a nightclub where the entertainment is magical! Magicians perform here for the public and the castle is also the club house for the Academy of Magical Arts and you can take magic lessons. The befitting venue is a Chateauesque Victorian mansion built in 1908 which is a duplicate of the 1897 Kimberly Crest House designed by the same architects. Many famous magicians have honed their skills here; regular performers at the Magic Castle have included Mark Wilson, Kuda Bux, Billy McComb as well as celebrities like Steve Martin who have tried their hand at magic in the castle.

To get into the Magic Castle you need to be a member of its exclusive club or have a guest-card from one of the members. Having gained a guest-card visitors are required to follow the house rules which include wearing evening wear (ties and jackets for the gents and skirts or dresses for the ladies) and you need to be over 21 years old. When you arrive you'll be greeted by the Castle Knights in the Grand Salon. The knights can also give a guided tour of the Castle. Then the fun begins and you can attend one of the five different magic shows in three showrooms. There is the Close-up Gallery where you'll see masters of the art doing close-up magic; the Parlor of Prestidigitation where the Victorian parlor is recreated and you can see "parlor tricks" and the Palace of Mystery where there are illusions and stage performances.

The Magic Castle offers evening performances and dinner when the doors open at 5pm and close at 1am as well as Saturday and Sunday brunch performances. Guests can explore the castle (take a tour with a knight at 5pm) and even look out for the castle ghost!

Now if you're reading all this and thinking – yes, but I don't know any members that can invite me – then never fear. The Magic Castle offers a number of membership categories each with rewards and privileges. For visiting tourists the most practical membership is the Associate Membership or Trial Membership. Alternatively if you go to the Magic Castle website and the "Now Appearing" section you can email the artist and ask for a guest pass. There are also several "participating hotels" where they can arrange guest passes for you and magic stores in the L.A. area which could help. If you happen to know a magician with a membership then they can give you a guest pass. So for a truly unique experience visit the Magic Castle located at 7001 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood.


Address/Map:  7001 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 851-3313
Website: Plan your visit to The Magic Castle