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Hollywood Homes Tours Hollywood Homes Tours Photo: Prayitno via Flickr

Have you ever thought what living in LA is like? Is it boring to see stars doing rounds at Beverly Hills or is it fun to be a part of a glamorous lifestyle? Your aim might be different, but it will take you through the same journey. We are talking about the Hollywood Home Tours in Los Angeles.

In these home tours you can visit the glamorous homes of your favorite movie starts and take a ride along the Beverly Hills, the Bel-Air, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a trip through the Sunset Boulevard, which offers the most awesome and scenic beauty in all Los Angeles combined with some star studded nightclubs and shopping complexes. You will also get to go through the Rodeo Drive and experience the best in LA lifestyle.

These guided tour packages are available for $47 for adults and $37 for children. However, if you book these tickets online you will get the adult tickets for $42 and children tickets for $32. The tours will take you through the homes of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Nicolas Cage, Orlando Bloom, the Beckhams and even Tom Cruise. If you are more retro and like a hint of the past, you will also be guided through the spectacular homes of Madonna, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

Most of the tours start at 9:30 am in the morning and continue for about two hours. New tour buses leave every half an hour, so there is plenty of time for you to see these beautiful homes till sunset. You will be taken through the most celebrated neighborhoods in town. If you want pick and drop off facilities from the hotel as well, you will have to pay $55 for the whole tour. These tours are available the whole year round and work through rain or shine.

You must make sure that you make prior reservations for being a part of these tours. Also, most of the reservations are done only 24 hours before the real tour begins. So make sure that you arrange for the time accordingly. This is probably the most famous sightseeing tour in California. After all, going to LA without a glimpse of the stars makes your trip futile.


Hours: Daily Tours, every 1/2 hour from 9:30 a.m. - To Sundown
Address/Map:  6925 Hollywood Blvd., CA 90028
Phone: (800) 959-3131
Website: Plan your visit to Hollywood Homes Tour
Tour packages are $47 for adults and $37 for children.
If booked online, the adult tickets for $42 and children tickets for $32