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The Majestic that is Bradbury Building

Bradbury Building Bradbury Building Photo: Luke Jones / Flickr

Bradbury Building is a historical landmark and also an architectural landmark situated at Broadway in Los Angeles. It was built on 1893 in the design by George Wyman, commissioned by a mining millionaire by the name of Lewis L. Bradbury where the building’s name came from.

The five-story building is widely known for its unique design and its style which is referred to as an Italian Renaissance Revival. The design of the building was inspired from a science fiction book “Looking Backward” where some of the description of a commercial building was seen in the Bradbury Building.

The exterior of the Bradbury Building is made from brown brick and sandstones. The panels are details of terra cotta. Although the facade is of unique design, the grandeur and magnificence of the building is from the inside. Its interior is said to be one of the greatest in Los Angeles with its design turning back one hundred and twenty years of time. Its interior features polished wood, tiling, rich marble and ornamental cast iron. It also features skylight which allows sunlight to fill the court, creating dramatic changing shadows during the day. Cage elevators with a grillwork of wrought-iron transport workers to the fifth floor.

The Bradbury Building today serves as an office building to government agencies much like how it was years back. Although it serves as an office building, it is such a popular tourist destination due to its majestic architecture and magnificent interior design. The building is open to visitors every day and government workers welcome visitors and provide them with historical facts about the building. Although visitors can only access the first floor of the entire building, visitors who have visited the building claim that the grandeur and the magnificence of the building is still evident even in the first floor.

The Bradbury Building serves as the epitome of great art, which serves as an inspiration to architects and designers to create exemplary works of art.


Address/Map:  304 Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: (213) 626-1893