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Enjoy the finest performing arts at the Hobby Center in Houston

Hobby Center Hobby Center Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Houston Texas is known for its sports, medical community, and music but at the heart of the city is the Hobby Center for the Performing arts. Built in 2002, the center has quickly become one of the city’s premier arts buildings as it has captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of artists around the world. But what if you aren’t an artist? What does the Hobby Center offer you?

If you enjoy the art of music or even the art of theater then this is the place for you to be in Houston. The Hobby Center is home to two separate acoustically designed theaters perfect for experience live music and arts. The building itself is a piece of art work and includes a 60 foot wall of class windows that overlook the Houston city skyline. Inside the Hobby Center there is also an American cuisine restaurant that is perfect for pre-show cocktails or after the show dessert. In addition the performing arts Center also includes a grand lobby and the founders club.

The grand lobby of Sarofirms Hall includes a panoramic view of Houston that opens out to an outdoor terrace providing the warmth of daylight and the relaxing glow of sunset to trickle in for all to enjoy. Most often used for meetings, weddings, and award ceremonies this space is traditionally enjoyed during special events due to its high sophisticated architecture. The founders club is also primarily used for meetings and special events, and can be easily booked to fit your needs.

Hobby Center

The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts                                                           Photo: eschipul


But if arts is what you are hoping to see at the Hobby Center then you will truly enjoy this state-of-the-art theater complex. The two distinguished theaters, Sarofirms Hall and Zikha Hall, are perfectly designed for the most pleasant acoustic experience with live theater anywhere in Texas. Traveling performing arts come to the city every week, so if you are hoping to catch a certain show it is best to book it in advance.

If you have a taste for the finer things in life that consider making the Hobby Center a must-see destination on your trip to Texas.


Address/Map:  800 Bagby St #300, Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (713) 315-2400
Website: Hobby Center for the Performing Arts
Tickets: Shows and Tickets available online