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The Art Car Museum of Houston

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The Art Car Museum of Houston Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Art Car Museum is a not-for-profit arts organization devoted to showcasing contemporary art. The museum is special because it is mainly an exhibition forum for the specialty art car, although there is a wide array of contemporary art mediums included in the galleries. While this kind of art is often forgotten or dismissed by many other institutions the Art Car Museum specializes in this area and offers a fresh perspective for visitors and provides a showcase for local artists.

The history of the Art Car Movement shows a fusion of traditions as well as an evolving aesthetic. The core of the art movement is the construction, or rather reconstruction, of the image of the automobile. The car begins as a fundamental image of popular consciousness and it then forms into a transformative, subversive personal statement of expression. The Art Car Museum has the largest number of art cars in any city and offer a promising artistic experience.

One of the biggest perks of the museum is the price because it’s free! The museum is also constantly changing so if you’ve been there before you probably want to come by again as they reconstruct the museum roughly every three months. Their extensive collections switch in and out, often with work from local artists, so you’ll never get bored to come visit again. You’re also allowed to take pictures of everything, which is not always allowed in other museums, so there’s a very calm, hip atmosphere. Some people comment that the museum is slightly too small but it lends itself to a more personal experience and the art that is chosen for the exhibits is given more careful thought to accommodate for the tight interior. Overall, it’s a great little museum without any entry fee so it’s perfect for an afternoon in Houston.


Wednesday - Sunday, 11am - 6pm
Closed: Monday & Tuesday
Address/Map:  140 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007
Phone: (713) 861-5526
Website: The Art Car Museum of Houston
Admission: FREE