Downtown Houston Downtown Houston Photo: Astronautilus via Wikimedia

Houston: One of the Largest Cities in America

Houston, Texas is the fourth largest city in America. It is stacked with many great places to visit. You can easily find something to do that the entire family will enjoy. The city is home to many great museums, parks, a mega mall, and many other places to visit. Some of the attractions that you can see in this enormous city will definitely leave a lasting impression.


Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo houses many exciting animals. There are a multitude of different displays that everyone in your family can enjoy.

      • Children’s Zoo- there is a petting zoo area that allows you to get into the fenced in area with some barnyard animals. This is great for a little hand on time.
      • McNair Asian Elephant Habitat- with three acres available, the zoo currently houses 7 elephants in this space. You will have a chance to watch the elephants play and splash in the water along with go about their daily lives their habitat.
      • Natural Encounters- this part of the zoo takes you through several different parts of a continent. In this building, animals such as meerkats and binturongs live in areas that are designed to look like nature.

This is not an exhaustive list of the exhibits, but will give you a good idea of what types of things you will see at the Houston Zoo.


Buffalo Bayou:

Buffalo Bayou

Buffalo Bayou                                                                                           Photo: Katie Haugland


The Buffalo Bayou has a basin that starts about 35 miles outside of downtown Houston. It winds its way through many parts of the state and ends right in the western section of downtown Houston. You can sail through these waters on a Kayak or Canoe for an incredible view of the city. It is unlike any other vantage point that you will see of the area. Not only are there amazing Bayou tours, there are also a variety of hiking and biking trails for you to enjoy. You can find a dog park along this area and playground equipment for children. The parks and trails provide a great escape from city life.


The Galleria:

As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. The Galleria is no exception to this statement. Not only is it the largest mall in all of Texas, but it is the 8th largest mall in the world. There are hundreds of high end to mid-level stores that cater to every need you have. Just walking around in this amazing building is a treat in and of itself. This mall has an incredible chic design on the inside and lights up beautifully at night. It is certainly a site to see when you visit Houston.


The Miller Outdoor Theatre:

Miller Outdoor Theater

Miller Outdoor Theatre                                                                                Photo: Deepak Bawa


This outside pavilion houses a wealth of summer concerts and live theatre for all age groups. There are stage productions that are geared to children and adults. You have the opportunity to purchase tickets for assigned seating under the shelter area. Also, there is a free seating area that is open to the public on a first come first serve basis. The performances that are featured here are well produced and certainly worth attending.

To see what is currently playing at the Miller Outdoor Theatre, check out this link: http://milleroutdoortheatre.com/


Wet and Wild Splash Town:

The Wet and Wild Splash Town is an incredible waterpark about 30 minutes away from the downtown area of Houston. It is well worth the drive to experience an exciting day to be had by everyone in your family. There are many different areas of the water park that will meet the different needs of your family. For those that are seeking thrill rides, there are several choices such as: The Brain Drain, FlowRider, RipQurl, Texas Freefall, and the Big Spin to name a few. If thrill seeking is not your idea of fun, there are many great options for more leisure and fun water times. Some of the attractions are: The Wave Pool, Paradise River, and Thunder Run to name a few. You will also find areas specifically made for younger children. This attraction will bring a lot of fun to your family and help you cool off on a hot day.

These are just a few of the exciting places you can visit in Houston, Texas. With the variety of attractions and things to do in this area, planning a trip will be easy. Whether you live in the area or going there for vacation, check out a few of these attractions.