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Waikiki Beach – Hawaii

Waikiki Beach Waikiki Beach Photo: Stuart Seeger via Flickr

Waikiki Beach is perhaps one of the most popular beaches in Hawaii known by locals and tourists thanks to its scenic beaches, warm waters, and incredible vistas. Waikiki itself is the beachfront neighborhood of the city of Honolulu. It's located on the south shore of O'ahu with its white sand beach popping up in movies and TV shows over and over again.

Waikiki Beach is popular not just for its beach but also for its climate since it is usually clear skies and warm conditions. Of course you're always treated to the ocean breeze so you stay comfortable at all times. It offers visitors a terrific view of Diamond Head tuff cone to the east and its walkable length of beach (it's not extremely long). The waters are shallow but rocky and can get quite wavy. This area is a top choice for tandem and long boarding surfers. It’s very common to be lying on the beach catching the rays while you watch dozens of surfers out in the waves.

Along the beach now stand many high rise resorts, hotels, and condos making it a top spot for travelers. In fact Waikiki is the home to the majority of the hotels located in O'ahu. Each room you book is a short two to three blocks from the beach.

Waikiki Beach Sunset

Waikiki Beach Sunset                                                                                    Photo: Adam & Des


The beach itself has faced problems with erosion over the past 100 years narrowing the area quite a bit. Because of this restoration projects have taken place over the years with the most recent taking place in 2012 when sand was brought in from nearby shoals. This project was able to make the beach 37 feet wider taking it back to where it was in 1985. Of course this will be a continuing problem and beach restoration projects will just have to continue.

Also along the beach you'll find activities, entertainment, shopping, and dining options to keep you busy from day to night.

Address/Map:  South shore of Honolulu