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The Magic of the Manmade Island Aina Moana

Photo: Kyle Nishioka via Flickr Photo: Kyle Nishioka via Flickr Magic Island Pond sunset

The Aina Moana of the Magic Island is basically a manmade island that was originally made for a resort island which was never completed. It was built in the year 1964, since then the 30 acres man-made island was developed and became as the Magic Park. The Government of Hawaii reclaimed the reef that the manmade island was built on and became a beach park that was open to the public from sunrise to sundown. In the year 1972, the name Magic Island was change to Aina Moana, but the new name of the beach park is often used by the locals. This manmade island is famous from its original name as the Magic Island in the peninsula of Honolulu, Hawaii.

For both locals and tourist that are looking for a peaceful escape from the busy city, Magic Island is the perfect place to go. This manmade island will offer a gorgeous view of the ocean and Magic Island is the best place to enjoy a family picnic, fishing and other outdoor activities. The manmade island also offers the best biking and jogging paths that are perfect for people who exercise daily. Also, the Magic Island is the most chosen place for wedding and other special occasions since it is a public park. Magic Island is the perfect place for taking picture this manmade island offers the best views, and spots that can be enjoyed by locals and tourist for free.

Beach at Magic Island

Beach at Magic Island                                                                                Photo: scotnelson


The Magic Island is used by the Moana center to put up a fireworks show on the island. This happens yearly in every Fourth day of July. As the fireworks begin the night sky is transformed into a colorful spectacle that attracts thousands of local and tourist on the island. The Magic Island also host a concert every year on the Fourth of July the Moana Center basically ropes off half of its parking lot to accommodate all the people who will participate in the said celebration. Magic Island is the best place to relax and unwind making it as one of the most visited places in the island of Hawaii.

Silohuettes from Magic Island

Silohuettes from Magic Island                                               Photo: danramarch


Location: Magic Island, Hawaii