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Kailua Beach Park, the Best Water Sports Beach in the Region

Kailua Beach Park Kailua Beach Park Photo: mafue via Flickr

The Kailua beach is located in the windward coast which is the favorite vacation spot for tourist and locals. It is because of its white soft sand the best water and a gentle breeze that is blowing from the ocean to the beach. The Kailua beach is known for the best water that is perfect for different types of water sports like surfing, wind surfing and body boards.

It is also the best beach for kayaking activities, because of the different islands that can be visited just a few kilometers from the shore of the beach. The windward coast where the beach park is situated provides soft to moderate winds that are the perfect ingredients for wind surfing. The wind also creates perfect waves that local and tourist surfers prefer. This makes the beach the perfect area for surfers from all ages.

The crystal clear water of the beach is the best place for snorkeling and diving. There are many diving shops in the area that offers diving lessons for beginners and tourist can rent diving and snorkeling equipments in this shops. For kayak fanatics, Kailua beach offers different island that can be visited by using kayaks, there are different islands on the area but the famous islands that people visit is the flat island which is the closest to Kailua beach, and the Twin Island which can be found further to the east of the area. There are also nearby beaches in the area that can suit every family, before entering the area of the Kailua beach restaurants and shops will be seen in the beautiful town of Kailua.

Kailua Beach Park

Hawaiian Sailing Canoes                                                                           Photo: Floyd Manzano


Families and friends can enjoy delicious food and desserts that this small town can offer. People can indulges on the towns famous shave ice which is the best desert that you can have while cooling down and relaxing on the beautiful Kailua Beach. The beach is also best for couples and dog lovers, families can also enjoy their picnic in the beach close to the sea. People can simply enjoy a laid-back environment at the Kailua Beach which can only be found of this beach.


Address/Map:  526 Kawailoa Rd, Kailua, HI 96734
Phone: (808) 233-7300