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Hawaii’s Unbelievable Diamond Head Monument & State Park!

Diamond Head Diamond Head Photo: Eric Tessmer via Flickr

Hawaii is known the world over as a top tourist destination, and the state’s popular Diamond Head Monument is one of the first go-to spots for travelers.  Featuring a massive crater formed nearly 300,000 years ago, this historic site covers an impressive 475 acres of land and is one of the most photographed landmarks in the entire world.

With various hiking trails, camping spots, food accommodations, and fascinating plants and animals, Diamond Head Monument & State Park is an experience that no visitor to Hawaii will want to miss!


The Star Of The Show

This famous site sits along the gorgeous Waikiki coastline and receives more visitors each year than any other landmark in Hawaii.  The star attraction, Diamond Head’s 300,000 year old crater, was later discovered to have formed by a powerful yet extremely brief volcanic eruption.  Volcanic ash and rock eventually fused together to create a fascinating earth form known as “tuff.”  This is special type of rock formation is only produced through volcanic activity!

Diamond Head Lighthouse

Diamond Head Lighthouse                                                                            Photo: Arjunkrsen


By the turn of the century, The Diamond Head crater was completely covered in lush vegetation and native Hawaiian wildlife was introduced to the area.  Soon thereafter the U.S military started to build their presence at Diamond Head, and it soon became home to the famous Fort Ruger, a military “Fire Control Station”, a 1917 lighthouse, and early 20th century Military quarters.


Scenic Trails & Wildlife Education

Visitors to Diamond Head State Park have a variety of different trails to choose from.  The most famous trail dates all the way back to 1908, as it was also the first trail created to reach the summit of the crater as well.  This particular 0.8 mile hike is definitely the most adventurous of Diamond Head’s trails, while visitors looking for a less strenuous hikes tend to enjoy the park’s more leisurely nature walk trails.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head                                                                                                     Photo: atmtx


In fact all park visitors are treated to a comprehensive education about Diamond Head’s vibrant collection of plants and animals.  Throughout the park, expect to stumble upon information placards and even interactive exhibits about exciting native species!


Hours: Daily 6 am to 6 pm
Address/Map:  Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone: (808) 587-0300
Website: Diamond Head Monument & State Park
Entrance Fee:
$5.00 per car or $1 per person for pedestrians. CASH ONLY.
Commercial vehicles fees: $10.00 cars/vans, $20 mini-buses, $40 buses