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Point Imperial

Point Imperial Point Imperial Photo by Bryan Ungard via Flickr

Point Imperial is located at a point that is at the highest level on either rims within the Grand Canyon in Arizona, standing at more than 8,800 feet.

Formerly known as Skidoo Point, Point Imperial is located at the North rim of the Grand Canyon and it spans over the Painted Dessert as well as the eastern side of the Grand Canyon. From this point you can also see the Colorado River and Mount Hayden, named after the former US Senator Carl Hayden, which is a sharp pinnacle that rises from the canyons floor. Accessible by an 11 mile drive northeast of Bright Angel Point, there are several rest stops and pull out options along the way.

It features a four-mile round trip trail which connects hikers with the Nankoweap Trail and the US Forest Service roads while taking them through areas that were burned by the 2000 Outlet Fire. Trailheads are located at the parking areas at the Point Imperial Trail and the Ken Patrick both of which provide restroom facilities.

Location/MapPoint Imperial Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona 86052

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