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North Rim Grand Canyon

North Rim Grand Canyon North Rim Grand Canyon Photo by SteveD via Flickr

Looking for a primitive place yet houses a panorama that could be considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World? Go to North Rim of Grand Canyon Arizona. The place is a remote place located far from the city of Colorado, its towns and its highways. It is primitive and pristine, making it an ideal place for a national park. The Northern Arizona where the Grand Canyon is located is one of the famous national parks in the world where millions of local and international visitors visit every year. Its North Rim is very much remote in location that is why only tenth of these visitors see the magnificent panorama it offers.

The North Rim of Grand Canyon is located 85 miles from the Mt. Caramel Junction of North Arizona. It is located in the East Side of Zian National Park. Although most of the lodging places in Arizona are located far from this part of Grand Canyon, many of its visitors go to the North Rim to enjoy the pristine atmosphere it offers. Those who are planning to go to the place may consider most of the lodging places close to the town of North Rim, which is Fredonia, Arizona.

The North Rim Grand Canyon AZ is 1000 higher than its South Rim. This makes it cooler than the South Rim as it houses a different environment as well as a lush forest. This place in North Arizona is a must-see place where one could enjoy gazing in the serene panoramic view it offers.


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