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North Kaibab Trail

North Kaibab Trail North Kaibab Trail Photo by J Brew via Flickr

The North Kaibab Trail is a corridor trail that is 14 miles long, starting at the head of the Roaring Spring and ending at the Colorado River.

Located about one mile from the North Rim's Grand Canyon Lodge, in the National Park of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA, the trailhead is specifically located on State Route 67 within an area that is designated for parking. This area of the park may be accessed by car but this access is seasonal since it is opened from mid-May to mid-October which may also vary depending on the snow cover from the previous winter. Alternatively, one can get to the North Kaibab Trailhead on foot from the South Rim or by snowshoe or cross-country ski starting at Jacob Lake Arizona.

Hikers may bask in the inviting allure if the Roaring Spring, the magnificence of the Ribbon falls which is all of 140 feet, or enjoy The Box or the Phantom Pan along the North Kaibab Trail. They may also have seasonal access to treated waters supplies that can be found at the Supai Tunnel, within the Caretaker's Dwelling, Cottonwood Campground as well as the Roaring Springs throughout the year.

On the note of campgrounds, hikers can also access these facilities at the Bright Angel Campground or the Cottonwood Campground, once permits have been granted by the National Park of the Grand Canyon Back Country Information Center.


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