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Lipan Point - Grand Canyon

Lipan Point Sunset Lipan Point Sunset Photo by Anita Ritenour via Flickr

Lipan Point is easily located within the Grand Canyon National Park of Arizona. It can be found right on the South Rim of the Canyon. This point can be specifically located at the end of the eastern part of Grand Canyon Village, which is known to be the Desert View Drive. Tourists may also find a bus transportation services and a lot for parking, which offers regular stops.

Toroweap or Tuweep Overlook offers an outlook of the canyon from the 3,000 feet viewing down on the Colorado River. It is 70 miles from the Grand Canyon’s skywalk and 50 miles from its Southern Rim. There are merely three slightly long dirt pathways, which lead to the location that is one of the farthest found in the country.

The roads that lead to Lipan Point are often unpopulated and untamed for as little as 62 and as much as 97 miles. There are available minimal improvements and services within the area because the service of the Park organizes the location for such a purpose. Those people who are planning to take a trip heading to the Lipan Point must be ready for a bumpy trek. They should also bring all the necessary supplies, which they will need during the hire. The insufficiency of services, when taking the trails only, means that adventurers must pack food, water, etc.