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Hopi Point

Hopi Point Hopi Point Photo by Todd Petrie via Flickr

Hopi Point located on the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA and is among one of the most scenic points in the Grand Canyon.

It is located about two miles west of the Grand Canyon Village and features an unobstructed view of the Grand Canyon. The northernmost point on the west rim of the Grand Canyon, Hopi Point features a fenced viewing area next to the roadway. It is centered on the Dana Butt. This is another great point that many people feel is beautiful primarily because of the scenery and the beauty of the area overall. If you were to stand specifically from this point, you would be able to easily see Salt Creek to one side joining the Colorado River and Monument Creek on the other side, flowing into Colorado River. This plateau stands at 2000 feet above the wide expanse adding to the view one is afforded from the easily accessible point at Hopi Point.


Location/Map:  Hopi Point Coconino, AZ
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