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Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls Havasu Falls Photo by Tom Check via Flickr

Havasu Falls is waterfall in the Grand Canyon near Supai, Arizona in the United States that is synonymous with vibrancy, relaxation and enamoured scenery.

One of the most frequently visited falls on Havasu Creek; Havasu Falls’ chute drops 120-feet over a vertical cliff into a blue-green pool with the backdrop of the red rocks of the Grand Canyon creating a picturesque image. This scenery is complemented by a sandy beach and various heights of cottonwood trees to bolster the already irresistible allure.

The Havasu Falls also facilitate swimmers behind the falls and one can also enter its shelter rock. Occurring naturally, the water at Havusu Falls is high in calcium carbonate and magnesium, this gives it the magnificent blue that it possesses. Once known as the Bridal Veil Falls when water flowed down the cliff in a bi-curtain appearance, Havasu Falls changed its appearance after a major flood knocked a notch in the travertine in 1910. Then again in 2008, a flood caused part of the current veil to break off giving its current look of the water flowing out of one side of the notch.

About a quarter mile from the Lower Navajo Fall, the Havasu Falls are easily accessible through numerous paths and also provides smaller pools that you can explore.


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