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Grandview Point - Grand Canyon

Grandview Point Grandview Point Photo by Curtis Fry via Flickr

If there is any place in the Arizona that you should visit, that will be the Grandview Point - Grand Canyon. The place itself will let travelers experience the beauty of nature. The magnificent view atop from the Grandview Point is already enough to make the hikers and visitors feel overwhelmed.

Grandview Point, being at 7,406 feet, is one of the peak attractions along the southern rim. This lookout provides a distinctive view to sightseers looking down from the mountains. Because of the Grandview Point’s altitude, it acquires high level of moisture. As a result to this, it offers more vegetation as compared to other neighboring areas next to the south rim. This is the place where in the Grandview Trail goes down to the canyon from which it allows hikers take a view of the conventional Grandview Hotel. This hotel is actually of the founding tourist facilities during the late 1800’s.

The river found in the Grandview Point is the farthest from the point and is also the one that houses the widest area of buttes and ravines intervening. The Grandview Trails is easy to go to, which goes down to the canyon from this point. The path of the trail is clear from the Point’s rim. It is plainly visible because it goes down the ridge’s side going to Horseshoe Mesa. This Horseshoe Mesa, which is located between Cottonwood Creeks and Hance, is formed in the “U” shape. This formation had become the home of the copper mine. The Tanner Canyon’s mouth is the mere point that Colorado could be viewed from the Grandview Point.

Grandview Point - Grand Canyon is the perfect place for hikers and adventure lovers to visit. With the mileage view that tourists and hikers can see at the top, the tiredness that they felt going to the place will be relieved once they already reached its summit. With the kind of scenery that individuals can view from the Grandview point, they can say all the hours that they have spent in hiking are worth it.