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The U.S. Botanic Gardens – A Museum Showcasing Nature’s Beauty

U.S. Botanic Gardens U.S. Botanic Gardens Photo by Bob Stovall via Flickr

Nature is beautiful in all its splendid glory and at the U.S. Botanic Gardens nature is put on display in a large collection of over 4,000 seasonal, tropical and subtropical plants that visitors are able to stroll through year round. The outdoor garden and indoor conservatory is one of the most beautiful museums that showcases the wonder of nature and offers visitors the chance to learn about the importance and necessity of plants in Earth’s fragile ecosystem. Built in 1820, the U.S. Botanic Gardens was establish by Congress with the idea of the museum first originating from President George Washington who envisioned a place in the nation’s capital where the importance of plants to the United States was put in center stage. Since that time the stunning museum has captivated generations of Americans and continued to extol the value and beauty of plants in our natural world.

The U.S. Botanic Gardens features countless seasonal and permanent exhibits that visitors can peruse such as the “Savage Gardens: The Real and Imaginary World of Carnivorous Plants” where the intricacies and mysteries of carnivorous plants are explored in a fun and entertaining way. The museum offers a visually striking collection of plants many different environments from the Rose Garden where the national flower is given the royal treatment to gardens that showcase more exotic plants such as orchids, Jurassic plants, endangered plants and more.

US Capitol - Botanic GardenAcross the street from the main conservatory is Bartholdi Park, an outdoor flower garden that is a work of art of the garden variety where a beautiful water foundation created by the famed Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, a French sculptor most famous for his creation of the Statue of Liberty, is the centerpiece. The U.S. Botanic Gardens also features the National Garden which is an outdoor learning laboratory that explores plants in a fun way where people of all ages can find out the more amazing aspects of the plants within our world. The National Garden is a fairly new addition to the nearly 200 year old U.S. Botanic Gardens and is just another part of what makes the museum truly spectacular.

From economic plants to orchids, begonias, carnivorous plants, cacti and succulents, bromeliads, epiphytes, palms, and cycads, the Garden is a true wonder of nature in all its intricacies. They offer an educational experience for visitors to explore plants in nature found all over the world in one place and whether you are a plant lover or not, the U.S. Botanic Gardens is a must see for anyone visiting the area.


The Conservatory and National Garden is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily
Bartholdi Park is open from dawn to dusk, daily
Address/Map:  100 Maryland Ave SW Washington, DC 20024
Phone: (202) 225-8333
Website: United States Botanic Garden
Admission: Free