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National Archives, Washington DC

The National Archives The National Archives Photo by Michael M. S. via Flickr

The National Archives is a frequently visited building in Washington, DC, and one of the most interesting places in the US. The building is a neoclassical structure with beautiful bronze doors at the entrance. Near them, there are pedestals on which four large sculptures are kept. These sculptures represent the Heritage, Guardianship, the Future and the Past.

The building has in store the country’s most significant original documents. A visit here is always a great idea as you will get to see the US Constitution, the Charters of Freedom, the Magna Carta, the Emancipation Proclamation and the records of diplomatic, military and civil activities of the nation.

Another major attraction of the place is the Public Vaults. The Public Vaults is a permanent exhibit that showcases artifacts, photographs, drawings etc. from their huge collection. Moreover, it also features interactive technology and one can always listen to the voice recordings of some of the past presidents.

Further, there is also a 290 seat theater that presents films demonstrating the connection between the records and democracy through the lives of existent people. It also serves as a documentary film venue of Washington and is often an over-crowded place. Apart from these, the place also has a learning center that engages America’s teachers, parents and the youth.

Admission to the National Archives is free of cost though there is a limit on the number of people who can be admitted at one time. In order to avoid standing in a long queue, they have the facility of making advance reservations too. Thus, if you are a tourist, make sure to have your bookings done well in advance. In that way you will have ample of time to visit other places too.

Whenever you plan visiting Washington, DC, make sure not to miss visiting the National Archives. The records of America’s official documents can be found nowhere but in this building. Besides, it is an educational hub as well, as it also offers many entertainment programs for the public. Coming here is an opportunity in itself and one should make the most of it.


Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Address/Map:  700 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20408
Phone: (866) 325-7208
Website: Plan your visit to the National Archives
Admission: FREE