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If your family vacation or solo travel expedition has landed you in the Washington D.C. area, you're in luck because the attractions and sightseeing opportunities are plentiful around our nation's capital. Aside from the many presidential memorial museums and the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress is one monumental building that you certainly don't want to miss. Although it does not own a copy of every book to ever be published in the United States, it sure comes close.  The Library of Congress is an astounding 530 mile stretch of architectural beauty whose interior design has been considered the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing in all of Washington. Much more than just a library, this magnificent government building has approximately 115 million publications, including books, manuscripts, photographs, maps, public records, and other miscellaneous works. With more than 7,000 new items being added or modified every day.

The Library of Congress is one of the world's largest, most resourceful libraries ever to be constructed. The library is composed of several internal subdivisions, including the Office of the Librarian, U.S. copyright Office, Law Library of Congress, and the Congressional Research Service. Although it is not permitted for tourist to check out books, many are available to view during the visit. The most well known building of the Library of Congress, the Thomas Jefferson Building, was constructed in 1897 due to the original building burning down. The Jefferson building has been described by visitors as 'stunning', 'impressive', and immaculate'. As the Library of Congress became more well known to the population, two additional buildings, the John Adams and the James Madison buildings, went up to accommodate the growing needs of the library.

Library of CongressIn 2008, the Library of Congress Experience opened, and has since been featuring exhibitions and events available to the public, schools, tourists, and locals alike. The amazing architecture and exquisite interior design of the buildings makes visiting the Library of Congress a truly memorable experience. Free guided tours are available during the week, and they are quite useful for all, regardless of your level of experience visiting the library. With such a vast area to explore, the tour was designed to help visitors make the most out of their precious time, and see all the highlights and exhibits the Library has to offer. The history, the relics, and the overall significance of this monumental attraction is an exciting and world class representation of historical architecture at it's best. 


Mon-Sat 8:30am-9:30pm
Address/Map:     101 Independence Ave, SE Washington, DC 20540
Phone: (202) 707-8000
Website: Library of Congress
Admission: Free