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Korean War Memorial

10 Daniel French Dr SW Washington, DC 20001 10 Daniel French Dr SW Washington, DC 20001 sunipix.com

Looking for attractions that could make you feel like traveling back to the age of wars in Korea? Visit Korean War memorial at Washington DC. It is located at the Foggy Bottom metro stop which is open 24 hours a day. You would probably just need 15 minutes to experience this free memorial that is truly the most beautiful war monument in DC. It is truly a touching sight that could remind you of those brave men and women of United States military forces that had served the Korean War.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial is built to honor the members of United State Military Forces that took about nine years to built. The memorial portrays 19 American soldiers that are making their way to the rough territory of Korea. They are built in life-size designs making it appear to be more real.  When memories of people of the tragic war in Korea fade, memorials usually remind them with the tragic event that had happened. People visit memorials to remind the ideals that are always on the periphery of their awareness with regards to the tragedies of war. However, it shapes their values of sacrificing for others, have courage to face dangers, and speak the truth to power. It gives people hope in spite of the constant terror a war could bring to them.

Visit Korea War Veterans Memorial at Washington DC and also head to the Honor Roll where you could see the list of all provable personnel that are killed in action and those that are still listed as missing in action. Travel to the place where brave men and women had sacrificed their lives to bring freedom to the country.


Hours: Open everyday, 24 hrs a day.
Address/Map:     10 Daniel French Dr SW, Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 426-6841
Website: Korean War Memorial
Admission: Free