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American Indian Museum American Indian Museum Photo by Kathleen Conklin via Flickr

A significant step that Washington DC, took was the opening of the American Indian Museum in 2004. This is the first museum in the nation that honors American Indians. It is dedicated exclusively to the history, literature, arts, languages and overall lives of Native Americans.

The museum is an attractive five-storey, curvilinear building. It is dressed in beautiful tan-colored Kasota limestone that is especially designed to remind people of the natural desert rocks. The museum has extensive areas that are used to display permanent as well as temporary exhibits. The museum is famous for depicting the cultures and lives of the American Indians. Permanent exhibitions generally showcase the following:

    • Our Universe: a glance of Native cosmology, 
    • Our People: a look at those events that wrought the lives of Native people,
    • Our Lives: an examination on how the natives as well as their cultures have changed in the 21st century.

Near the museum’s entrance is the Potomac there is a large rotunda which is an ideal place for social events. Besides, there are also many other places where people can enjoy special events, live performances and programs that include storytelling, seminars, dance presentations and plays. The museum also features tours and hands-on demonstrations. The best part is that these events are carried out throughout the year.

American Indian MuseumRecently in 2012, the American Indian Museum opened an ImagiNATIONS Activity Center. It offers the best of the events and activities that you can ask for. You can participate in interactive games, quiz shows, learn how to weave a basket, experience different sports and discover traditional native dwellings. The fun doesn’t stop here. Dining here is a real delight. Foods are inspired by the cooking customs of Native Americans. So you can expect to get a chance to dine on their tastiest meals including soups, sandwiches, beverages and desserts from 5 different regions. These indigenous cuisines are sure to swipe you off your feet.

Apart from these, you can also do some shopping at the gift shops. These shops feature textiles and jewelry of the native artisans and also display an extensive collection of children’s stuffs like toys and books.

The American Indian Museum not only attracts tourists from everywhere but even the local people visit it on a frequent basis. This is so because the place has become an education hub in itself and at the same time ensures to provide some fun and pleasurable activities for the public.


10:00 am - 5:30 pm daily
Address/Map:  Independence Ave SW Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 633-6644
Website: National Museum of American Indian
Admission: Free