Denver, Colorado Travel Guide

Denver, Colorado Travel Guide Photo by Tom Pratt via Flickr

Have you ever visited Denver, Colorado and its surrounding area? If not, I definitely recommend that you visit the area soon.

Denver is the biggest city in the state of Colorado, and it has one of the largest populations in the state as well at almost 635,000 people. The metropolitan area has nearly 2.6 million people, and it is the 21st largest metropolitan area in the United States.

Denver is also one of the highest cities in the U.S., with it sitting 5,280 feet above sea level. It is nicknamed the Mile High City for this reason.

How is the weather like in the Denver area?

There are four different seasons in the Denver area. The city experiences a lot of snow in the winter time, spring-like weather, hot summer weather, and cooler fall weather. The average high temperature in the summer is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average temperature in the winter time is usually around 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, if you want to visit the Denver area for snow and snow sports, it is best in the winter. March is usually the snowiest month in the Denver, Colorado area. And, if you want to visit the Denver area for summer sports, it is best to do so in the summer.

How do I reach the Denver area?

Many people fly into Denver. The airport that you can fly to is the Denver International Airport. Most airlines fly into this airport, so you shouldn't have any major problems finding a flight into the city.

If you decide not to fly, you can also easily drive to Denver as well. There are many highways that lead to Denver.

You can also take the train or bus to Denver as well. Amtrak stops in Denver once each day at Union Station. Greyhound also has a bus station located at 1055 19th Street.

Once you get to Denver, there are a few ways to get around. Denver is mainly a driving city, but they are working on improving their public transportation. If you do drive, be mindful of the correct places to park, as you don't want to receive any parking tickets. If you decide to bike around the city, always bring a bike lock with you as you don't want any bike thefts to happen to you.

You can rent a car, drive your own car, take a taxi, walk, bike around the city (this is a very popular choice), or take their public transportation once you arrive.

What kind of festivals can I expect when I travel to Denver?

If you travel to the Denver area, there is almost always some sort of festival going on. The area is home to many festivals as it is a popular place to be outdoors at.

Festivals include: Mile High Snowfest; Denver Restaurant Week; Downtown Denver Festival of the Arts; Cherry Blossom Festival; Colorado Irish Festival; Denver Beer Fest; Denver Marathon; Blossoms of Light, Zoo Light and many, many more!

Are there popular museums to visit while in Denver?

There are many museums for you to visit while you are in the Denver area. These include:

  • Foothills Art Center
  • Museum of Outdoor Arts
  • Forney Museum of Transportation
  • Morrison Natural History Museum
  • Children's Museum of Denver
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science
  • Museo de las Americas

Don't forget to experience the great outdoors while in the Denver area.

Most people who travel to Denver do so because of how beautiful the environment is. There are many fun things for you to do, such as: river rafting, kayaking, canoeing, biking, mountain biking, mountain climbing, hiking, and more.

Different outdoor attractions that you should visit include:

  • Roxborough State Park South Rim Trail
  • Eldorado Canyon
  • Boulder Falls
  • Red Rocks
  • Devil’s Head Fire Lookout
  • St. Mary’s Glacier
  • Alderfer Three Sisters Park
  • South Valley Park
  • Cherry Creek Trail
  • And more!

Have you ever visited Denver, Colorado?

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