5 Reasons You Should Visit Memphis, Tennessee

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5 Reasons You Should Visit Memphis, Tennessee Photo by Joseph Novak via Flickr

Recently, we had close family members move to Memphis, Tennessee. Since that time, we have been thinking more and more about moving to Memphis to be closer to them and to also experience this awesome city. If you don't currently live in Memphis, I definitely recommend making a trip there - whether it be a week long vacation or if you just make a weekend trip out of it.

Memphis, Tennessee has a population of approximately 650,000. It is the largest city in Tennessee, and the 20th largest city in the U.S. Memphis is known as a tri-state area, as the metropolitan area includes the states of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. The metropolitan area has a population of approximately 1,300,000.

Here are 5 different reasons for why you should visit Memphis, Tennessee:

1. Beale Street.

Beale Street is a street located in the city of Memphis, Tennessee that is approximately 1.8 miles long. It's a popular area in the city in which many people visit Memphis for. It is a great area to visit during hte day time or at night time, and it's a great place to find many delicious BBQ spots.

There are many blues bars and clubs that are located on Beale Street. some of the popular attractions of Beale Street include:

  • Blues City Cafe & the Band Box
  • Beale Street Tap Room
  • Coyote Ugly Saloon
  • Rum Boogie Cafe
  • B.B. King's Blues Club
  • Silky O'Sullivan's.

2. The great weather.

Memphis has great weather almost year round. It rarely snows, and when it does snow not much really falls and sticks to the ground.

The average temperature in the winter time is anywhere between 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature in the summer time is anywhere between 65 degrees Fahrenheit to around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. The Memphis Zoo.

The Memphis Zoo is a popular attraction for those who visit the city. In 2008, the zoo was ranked as the best zoo by visitors according to the site TripAdvisor. There are more than 3,500 animals at the Memphis Zoo, with over 500 different species.

The Memphis Zoo in Tennessee was started in the year of 1906 and is on nearly 80 acres. Some of the popular exhibits at the Memphis Zoo include: Cat Country; Dragon's Lair; Primate Canyon; Aquarium; Butterflies: In Living Color!; the Northwest Passage; and more.

The Memphis Zoo's admission prices are: adults between the ages of 12 to 59 are $15.00; children between the ages of 2 to 11 are $10.00; seniors who are 60 and over are $14.00, and children under the age of 2 years old are free. Parking is an additional $5.00.

4. Graceland.

My dad was a huge fan of Elvis Presley, and because of this we would visit Memphis all the time when I was younger just to visit Graceland.

Graceland was Elvis Presley's home when he was alive. It is a huge mansion sitting of almost 14 acres in Memphis, Tennessee. The address is 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard. It is now a museum and National Historic Landmark dedicated to all things Elvis Presley, and it was opened on June 7, 1982.

Graceland is a very popular place for tourists, and over 600,000 people visit each year.

5. The National Civil Rights Museum

The final place on today's list is the National Civil Rights Museum. This is a group of museums located in Memphis that details the Civil Rights Movement. It is an important part of United States History, and it is also located near where the very important Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

The National Civil Rights Museum is located at 450 Mulberry Street in Memphis, Tennessee. It is open everyday except for Tuesday.

The admission prices are: adults cost $15.00; seniors and students are $14.00; children are $12.00; children under the age of 3 and members are free.

Do you plan on visiting Memphis, Tennessee soon?

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