Visiting Panama City Beach, Florida

Visiting Panama City Beach, Florida

Visiting Panama City Beach, Florida Photo by Dreamcious via Flickr

Panama City Beach in the state of Florida is a great vacation destination in the United States. It has warm weather, blue water and almost 30 miles of white sandy beaches. The town is so amazing that I am even thinking about living there one day.

Panama City Beach is a small beach town located on Florida panhandle along the Gulf of Mexico. It has a year-round population of approximately 12,000 people, but the city hosts almost seven million tourists each year.

It's known as a spring break destination for young adults and those who attend college. Each year over 100,000 students have their spring break in Panama City Beach. However, when it's not spring break, the town is a very family friendly vacation destination.


What is there to do in Panama City Beach, Florida?

If you are looking for a true beach vacation, then Panama City Beach is probably what you are looking for. You can swim in the beautiful water, lay out on the sand, ride a jet ski, go parasailing, go on a dolphin tour, build sand castles, and more.

There are many state parks for you to visit. At these state parks you can hike on their trails, camp, ride a horse, go on a picnic, play soccer, ride bikes, and so on. The state parks include: St. Andrews State Park (this state park offers 1,260 acres of fun); Camp Helen State Park; and Frank Brown Park.


How is the weather in Panama City Beach, Florida?

The weather in Panama City Beach is warm almost year round. In the summer, you will be met with a subtropical climate, which means that it can be very hot and rainy for months at a time. The average high in the summer is a very hot and humid 95 degrees Fahrenheit, with the low being around 75 degrees. It rains often in the summer as well, but usually the rain doesn't last very long. However, you can expect it to rain nearly every single day during the rainy season.

In the winter, you will see cooler weather that is not nearly as humid as the weather in the winter time. The winter is usually less rainy, with average highs of around 60 degrees and lows of 40 degrees.

Spring is usually the most popular time to visit, because the weather is great, it's not as rainy, it's not as humid, and the temperatures are not excruciatingly hot.

The fall is usually not the best time to visit, but you can save a lot of money visiting during the fall as it is the low season. The fall is the low season for Panama City Beach because of possible hurricanes.


How to get to Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach is very accessible for those who live in the United States. You can arrive by plane, car, bus, and so on.

If you want to arrive by plane, you would be looking to arrive at the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport. Both Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines service this airport, and it can be easy to catch a direct flight or a flight with one-stop.

If you decide not to fly, you can do what many visitors to Panama City Beach do - take a car. It is very easy to drive to the area and there are several highways that point directly to Panama City Beach.

If you decide to not arrive by plane or drive a car, you can take a bus. Panama City Beach does not have a bus station, but Panama City does. The bus station is serviced by Greyhound.


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