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The Museum of Transportation is located in the St. Louis metropolitan area in the state of Missouri. It was founded in 1944 and contains all different types of transportation from years ago, including classic cars, planes, boats and railroad equipment. These different forms of transportation are not just from the St. Louis area, these are forms of transportation from all over the U.S.

The Museum of Transportation is one of the largest museums dedicated to transportation in the world and hosts over 50,000 school children each and every year on its educational tours. Many repeat visitors come back to see the Museum of Transportation. 

The museum was created by a group of people who wanted to preserve the history of transportation, starting with a streetcar named Bellefontaine #33.

The museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about transportation and to preserve transportation-related products. The Museum of Transportation was donated in 1984 to the St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation.

The Museum of Transportation is situated on almost 130 acres and features more than 70 locomotives and 4 miles of tracks for their exhibitions. There are over 10 buildings, with a famous transportation-related research library located on-site.

There are over 190 exhibits at the Museum of Transportation. You can also rent a section of the Museum for weddings and birthday parties.

What famous exhibits are there at the Museum of Transportation?

  1. The mid-1800's Boston and Providence exhibit.
  2. The largest steam locomotive ever built is housed at the Museum of Transportation. This exhibit is the Union Pacific, also known as the Big Boy.
  3. The Union Pacific Centennial which was produced in 1971 is an exhibits at the museum.
  4. The 1901 St. Louis Motor Carriage Co. automobile is is the oldest of nine known to exist currently.
  5. The 1963 Chrysler Turbine car.
  6. The Douglas Aircraft C-47A.
  7. The HT Potts Tugboat. You can even walk on this one!


How much does visiting the museum cost?

The museum's admission fee is $6 for adult visitors. For childreen between the ages of 5 to 12, military and seniors are $4. Children under the age of 4 are free to visit the Museum of Transportation.

Do you want to become a member?

Here is information related to becoming a member at the Museum of Transportation:

  • You can become a "Coachman" for $40 per year. This allows you to have free admission for yourself and six guests each time you go to the museum along with some other benefits.
  • A "Conductor" membership ($60) allows you to have the same benefits as the Coachman except you also get 35 stamps to use the mini-train.
  • A "Navigator" membership ($110) allows you all of the above except you get 55 stamps altogether.
  • A "Pilot" membership ($250) gives you unlimited hops on the train and also visits to the Creation Station along with a commemorative brick.
  • A "Captain" membership ($500) gets you everything above plus large discounts whenever you purchase something from the gift shop.
  • An "Engineer" membership ($1,000) gets you everything above (boy, is that a lot!) plus recognition form the Museum Donor Board.


Information for those wanting to visit the Museum of Transportation:

Museum of Transportation

3015 Barrett Station Road

St. Louis, Missouri 63122

Phone number: (314) 965-6885

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