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A few years ago, we visited South Beach in Miami Beach. We stayed at a place that we rented on Airbnb in Miami Beach and it was great! The place was fairly cheap and the apartment supplied kayaks and had a canal it the backyard. It was very beautiful, and a great value.

We were a couple of miles away from South Beach, but still in the Miami Beach area. We ventured into South Beach whenever we could (which was everyday since we were able to easily walk to it), and it is nothing like I could have imagined.

There was an abundance of cultures, restaurants, people and so on. It was a very fun and eclectic place to be at.

South Beach is an area in the city of Miami Beach in the state of Florida. It is located near Biscayne Bay and situated on the Atlantic Ocean. South Beach has a very large amount of tourism, and approximately 40,000 residents call South Beach home. You will find many large hotels, and also many beautiful mansion located in South Beach.


History of South Beach.

What may be hard to believe is that South Beach was at first just farmland. The first house in South Beach was built shortly before 1890 by Charles Lum. In 1920, is when the area started booming for families and homes were beginning to be built.

Before you think of Miami Vice, South Beach is actually a fairly safe area. It is a very wealthy area and you will see many expensive houses and very expensive cars everywhere.


What to do when in South Beach.

There are many different activities that you can do when you visit South Beach:

  1. The water is very clear and is great for swimming.
  2. You can para-sail. The water is beautiful and you can get a great view. Para-sailing is usually around $100 to $150 per person.
  3. Kayaking is another great idea, just be safe because there are alligators! We did not think about that when we went kayaking and still laugh when we think back about it. Falling into the water would have been very scary where we were kayaking.
  4. There are many restaurants. Since there are so many different cultures in South Beach, there are many delicious restaurants to eat at that offer very authentic food. We ate somewhere new for every single meal and I still drool when I think about the many delicious meals that we ate. There was Brazilian food, Cuban food, Mexican food, and plenty of sushi places as well to visit.
  5. There are many different places to shop as well. Some may be your average retail store at your local mall, or they may be very expensive. South Beach is a fairly expensive area because of all of the wealth people who live there.


Weather in South Beach.

South Beach can be very warm year round. The summer can be exceedingly warm if you are not used to it. During the winter months it may be around 70 to 90 degrees each day.


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Nice to seen this interesting post here..I'm so happy to find this information about South Beach of Miami its culture, restaurants, people here....Also thankful to you for suggest me some amazing activities which i always want to do alone on my trips...great job..!!
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