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Lake Havasu Photo by Bradley Gordon via Flickr

Lake Havasu is a place that I have heard a good amount about. I have seen many beautiful pictures and have had a few friends visit.

Lake Havasu is located behind Parker Dam, which is located on the Colorado River. It is a reservoir and has a concrete dam that was built starting in the year of 1934 and finished in the year of 1938. Lake Havasu is situated between the states of California and Arizona.

There is a city connected to Lake Havasu as well, and it is named Lake Havasu City. Lake Havasu was built to keep water for pumping from the dam. The lake is approximately 45 miles long.

Today, Lake Havasu is famous to fishers and boaters, and brings in approximately three-fourths of one million people each and every year.


What you should know before visiting.

Lake Havasu is a well known vacation for Spring Breakers. College students come to Lake Havasu and party during the weeks for their college Spring Break, so if you do not like this, then you should plan your trip accordingly.

There are many other weeks and months to visit Lake Havasu, so do not let a few weeks each year stop you from taking a vacation here.


There are many things to do while visiting Lake Havasu.

When visiting the area of Lake Havasu you can:

  1. Go fishing. Bass are the main catch here.
  2. Bring your boat. Many visitors bring their boats to Lake Havasu. You will also see all different kinds of boats.
  3. Visit the many bars and clubs. If dancing or having fun with your friends and family are your thing, then there are many places for you to visit.
  4. Swim. This is a lake of course, and swimming is abundant.
  5. Engage in one of the many water activities such as: paddle boarding, kayaking, jet-skiing and so on.
  6. Shopping. There are many places to shop when in Lake Havasu City.
  7. Para-sailing. I've done this once and I loved it! While it was not at Lake Havasu, I'm sure the experience is fairly similar.
  8. Other various activities include golfing, hot air balloons, horseback riding, biking and so on.


If you are interested in outdoor activities that don't involve the water, there are many other options for you.

You can go on a guided hike through the Sonoran Desert. There are also Jeep tours of the area. If you want to explore the area on your own, that is an option but you may need a permit for certain vehicles.

There are a few state parks you can visit, such as the Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge or the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge.


Weather in Lake Havasu City.

Lake Havasu can experience very warm weather. In the months of June and July, temperatures may reach 120 degrees, and that is considered normal weather.

In the winter it is much cooler, and the temperature is usually between 40 degrees and 70 degrees. In the winter it may be a good idea to bring different layers so that you are prepared for whatever the weather may bring.


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